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Find out how to customise MoneyWorks or integrate it with your other software systems.

You can automate the importing or exporting of data, run reports and queries and generate forms, using a variety of technologies. You can also hook into the UI of the MoneyWorks application to modify functionality according to users' needs.

MWScript is the built-in native scripting language that provides extensive cross-platform customisation capabilities for MoneyWorks. You can automate processes, add your own user-interface extensions, and generally mould MoneyWorks to your requirements.

The MoneyWorks Manual has the most up-to-date documentation for MWScript:

fmFileMaker Pro/Go
Use our FileMaker plug-in for seamless integration between Filemaker Pro and MoneyWorks (running on the same computer). From your customised FileMaker Pro front end you can extract information directly from MoneyWorks, and also send information (invoices, orders, time sheets etc) directly to MoneyWorks. There are script compatible plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

FileMaker Go provides an easy way for direct access to your MoneyWorks Datacentre from iPads and iPhones, even when out of the office. For samples and documentation see the FileMaker Pro/Go and MoneyWorks page

On Mac, MoneyWorks supports a suite of AppleEvents. This enables you to write scripts in AppleScript to manipulate data from MoneyWorks, or link MoneyWorks seamlessly to FileMaker Pro, Excel, RealBasic and other applications.

Information on the AppleEvents (and simple examples) are contained in the MoneyWorks Automation Guide.

MoneyWorks Datacentre has a REST interface, which provides easy high-performance network-based access to the standard MoneyWorks API.

cliCommand-line Interface
MoneyWorks Datacentre includes a command line client for connecting to the database. For documentation see the manual page.

Windows COM and VB
On Windows, MoneyWorks supports COM (the technology that underpins OLE Automation and VB). So from another COM compliant application (such as Access, Word, Excel, VB) you can easily extract and submit records to the MoneyWorks internal databases.

Information on the COM commands (and simple examples) are contained in the MoneyWorks Automation Guide.

ms-officeMicrosoft Office
MoneyWorks also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office. To see how to do a mailmerge straight into Word, send your budgets direct from Excel to MoneyWorks, automatically apply interest and more, click here. (requires Office 2000 or later).

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